Dario Coos

Wine region: Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Area: Nimis (Udine)
Square: 14 He
Quantity: 82 000 bottles
Owner: G. Cristofoletto
Agronomist: Andrea Pittana
Enologist: Matteo Lovo
Wine type: white, red, sweet
Grape: Chardonnay, Malvasia, Pignolo, Pinot Grigio, Refosco, Ribolla Gialla, Schioppettino, Verduzzo

The Coos family has been making wine on the hilly slopes at Ramandolo since the early 19th century. In other words, five generations of Coos devoted their time to the fruits of this land. Today the winery is run by a group of friends with a passion for wine and knowledge of what needs to be done to achieve excellent results.

The winery’s philosophy is to demonstrate what is meant by tradition and traditional techniques in the quest for the original, authentic Ramandolo, combining new production methods and traditional approach.

As they say around here, “every grower gets the fruit he or she deserves” – with the skill and wisdom that inspires Ramandolo’s soul and its future.

The winery has a wonderful selection of traditional wines typical for Friuli: the white Verduzzo, Ribolla Gialla, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon and Malvasia; and red Schiopettino, Refosco and Pignolo. And of course Ramandolo in two interpretations – as late harvest and as delicious sweet wine Picolit.

To learn more about Dario Coos please visit the winery website.


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