Ferruccio Deiana

Wine region: Sardinia
Area: Settimo San Pietro (Cagliari)
Square: 94 He
Quantity: 300 000 bottles
Owner: Ferruccio Deiana
Agronomist: Carlo Pisu
Enologist: Ferruccio Deiana
Wine type: white, red, sweet
Grape: Cagnulari, Cannonau, Monica di Sardegna, Vermentino

A great passion and solid technical skills prompted Ferruccio Deiana to found a winery, finally fulfilling a long-time dream to have his own vineyards and make his own wines.

The winery is located in the area of Basso Campidano and Parteolla, lands of beautiful nature and rich culture. This part of Sardinia, between Cagliari and the crags of Punta Serpeddì, in the rugged territory of Sarrabus-Gerrei, is known for its smooth hills and fertile valleys. Since antiquity, these lands have been a lucky realm of vineyards and olive oil.

Ferruccio’s passion was immediately supported by his wife, Mariagrazia and by his son, Dario, following his father’s steps with comparable passion and commitment.

The original core of the vineyards (40 he) was planted in the early 1990s at Su Leunaxi, in the countryside of Settimo San Pietro, while the area of Sibiola, in the municipality of Serdiana, hosts new vineyards.

Grape varieties are those typical for Sardinia: Vermentino, Monica, Cannonau, Carignano, Bovale, Barbera Sarda, Malvasia, Nasco and Moscato. Ferruccio Deiana makes outstanding wines that consistently win international awards and get recognition in Italy.

To learn more about the winery please visit the winery website.


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