Wine region: Sardinia
Area: Sanluri (Marmilla)
Square: 36 He
Quantity: 300 000 bottles
Owner: Pilloni family
Agronomist: Luca Mercenaro
Enologist: Piero Cella
Wine type: white, red
Grape: Bovale, Cagnulari, Cannonau, Chardonnay, Monica di Sardegna, Moscato, Nasco, Vermentino

Su’Entu in the Sardinian local dialect means “the wind”: wind that purifies the air, sweeps away the clouds and brings good weather. A wind that gathers fragrances and carries them for long distances.

Su’Entu Winery is the result of Salvatore Pilloni‘s dream, the dream of putting into wine production rolling hills that every day attracted his attention and stimulated his imagination.

The winery is just a few kilometres from the town of Sanluri with a very ancient agricultural tradition. The name of the town derives from the words logu de lori, the place of wheat: an evident homage to the fertility of the land that produced it, in the past and present, an ideal place for all kinds of crops.

Geographically, Sanluri is part of the Marmilla region, an ancient land dotted with prehistoric settlements, an economic and strategic point of reference for centuries and as such well defended as can be seen in the many remains of fortresses built to defend towns.

A place where history has never stopped to rest. A land that is hilly but with slopes are so gentle as to suggest to the ancient inhabitants a mother’s breast, and this is the origin of the Marmilla place name. Still, today when walking through the vineyards one can breathe the tranquillity and joy of long-dated memories that link to childhood.

The winery extends to fifty hectares, of which thirty-two are vineyards. The area, mostly hilly, has a long tradition of vineyard cultivation. Main grape varieties grown by the winery include Vermentino, Bovale, Cannonau, Monica and Cagnulari.

Today, the entire family is involved in developing the project and is determined to make the dream brought by the wind come true.

To learn more about Su’Entu please visit the winery website.

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