Dressel Pompeiano Bianco in Amphora Bosco de Medici

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Dressel Pompeiano Bianco IGT by Bosco de Medici winery in historical Pompei in Campania is an orange wine aged in terracotta amphoras.

‘Orange’ wine is white wine made with a much longer ‘skin contact’, meaning ‘period when grape juice stays in contact with skins’ than traditional white wine. During this long skin contact period the wine gets more colour from white grapes and tannins from the skins (tannins are much more typical for red wines than for white). The result is orange colour wine with more pronounced tannins.

‘Dressel’ takes its name from most important archeological ceramic scholar, Heinrich Dressel, and brings the history of Pompei into a bottle of wine. Dressel is made of 100% local rare grape Caprettone and aged 6 months in terracotta amphoras that keep the freshness of the wine and at the same time accentuates smoothness, elegance and roundness.

A truly unique wine to taste and discover both orange wines and wines made in amphora!

Dressel is beautiful on its own on a warm sunny day; or with starters, white meat, red or stronger fish.

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