Calcagno Winery is located in a tiny village of Passopisciaro, on the northern side of Etna volcano, the area, that has a long wine history. For five generations, from father to son, Calcagno Family carries on its old wine-making tradition, in order to give to its wines the flavour of the places where they are made and to provide them with the energy and the colours of this volcano, that is reflected in every sip of the wines.

The vineyards, in Contrada Arcuria and Feudo di Mezzo, at 650 meters above sea level, were planted on small and meandering terraces during the first years of last century. They keep on growing thanks to the hard work of the winery and finding a place in hard yet generous nature.

Calcagno Wines offer a unique sensorial experience and allow to discover the intense essence of this small part of Sicily. The scientific research is a fundamental and crucial aspect for the winemaking at Calcagno Winery to achieve the high quality of its wines.

The winery makes classical Etna wines: Etna Bianco, Etna Rose and Etna Rosso with a selection of cru vines and vintages.

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