7 Easy Italian Wine Cocktail Recipes

Summer is just around the corner with the hot sunny weather to enjoy some refreshing Italian cocktails. So let’s get ready to the season with some easy to do at home cocktail recipes!

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz invention dates back to the 19th century. But the True Aperol Spritz as we know it now was created around the 1950s for those who wanted to enjoy a light refreshing drink before or at a party. Very quickly it became a popular and beloved drink.

Here are the ingredients and steps to make it:

  • 60ml Aperol
  • 90ml Prosecco
  • 60ml Soda Water
  • Half a slice of Orange
  • Ice

Pour Aperol followed by Prosecco and Sparkling Water in the wine glass, garnish it with orange and serve.

If you like Rose, you can use it instead of Prosecco!


Bellini was invented in the 1940s by Giuseppe Cipriani in Venice. He gave it this name due to its pinkish color. It was only served at the bar of the inventor who happened to be a bartender and it quickly became a famous cocktail, enjoyed by the whole world.

To make Bellini you will only need:

  • 100 ml Champagne or Prosecco
  • 50 ml Fresh peach pure;

Put peach pure into the glass, then gently add champagne trying to keep as little foam as possible to get a better texture, and finally garnish with some lemon wedge. Serve it in a cold champagne glass.


Rossini was created by the same person that created Bellini and it got its name from a famous Italian composer Gioachino Rossini. This easy to make romantic drink is enjoyed by men and women all over the world and it also looks amazing.

To make Rossini you will need:

  • 3 strawberries (per person)
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar (or vanilla sugar)
  • 125 ml of prosecco

Firstly, mix the strawberries together with sugar and a tiny bit of lemon juice in a blender. Then add half of Prosecco and stir it slowly to keep the bubbles. Pour the mixture in a champagne glass and add remaining prosecco on top slowly to have nice soft foam.


Sgroppino is a bright smooth drink from Veneto region of Italy. Its name means "to untie" your stomach and it's typically served after a meal. But more people start enjoying this refreshing cocktail without the meal on hot summer days.

To make Sgroppino you will need:

  • 1 scoop of lemon sorbet
  • 30 ml Vodka (or lemon vodka)
  • Prosecco to top the glass

This drink is super easy to make. First, mix vodka and the sorbet in a mixer. Pour the mixture in a champagne glass and top it with Prosecco. That's it!

Negroni Sbagliato

This Italian cocktail was created in 1972 by bartender Mirko Stocchetto at ‘Bar Basso’ in Milan. He simply added sparkling wine instead of gin in Negroni and it became a popular cocktail. The word "sbagliato" in Italian translates as ‘mistaken’. This drink is enjoyed by people who want to add some bubbles to a regular "Negroni".

To make Negroni Sbagliato you will need:

  • 30 ml of Campari
  • 30 ml of Red Vermouth
  • Top it with Prosecco (or Rose)
  • 1 slice of orange

Pour sweet vermouth in the glass, followed by 50 ml of bitter liqueur. Then add a slice of orange to add a little bit of citrus taste, fill the glass with ice and top it with Prosecco. Stir it so that liquids blend together. You can swap Prosecco with some Rose to give it a more playful taste.


This cocktail originated in South Tyrol in Italy. The cocktail is quite refreshing and perfect for hot summer days.

You will need:

  • 30ml Elderflower cordial
  • 20ml Sparkling water (soda)
  • Prosecco
  • Lime
  • Ice
  • Mint leaves

First, fill the wine glass with ice and add some mint leaves. Add elderflower cordial and sparkling water and top with Prosecco. Stir until the ingredients mix together and garnish with lime wedges.

Spiked Affogato

This is one of the best ‘couples’ cocktails. It contains a lot of Irish ingredients for an Italian cocktail but it was created in Italy.

You will need:

  • 30 ml Irish Whiskey
  • 30 ml Irish Cream
  • 60 ml hot coffee
  • 1 Scoop vanilla ice cream

First, grab a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Add Irish cream and Irish whiskey and top it with good hot Italian coffee. You can garnish it with some coffee beans or chocolate chips if you wish. That’s it!

These are some easy and delicious cocktails you can make at home for your loved ones, friends and colleagues.

As some of the main ingredients we recommend Prosecco il Fresco Brut and Italian Rose from our Rose selection.

Good luck and we hope you will enjoy it!

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